I dedicate all my love to you

Oh What Love
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I Dedicate All My Love To You

Verse 1

Just when the darkness around me seemed blackest
You called but I was so blind to You
So You were a morning star paving the light for my way
so I could find You
You gave me a home called me Your own
Then You told me You needed me


So I dedicate all my love to You
there’s no other name that could sound so true
like Yours , Oh , my Lord
it's You ,only You that l’ll living for
And I dedicate all my love to You
I give You my heart cause You’ve asked me to
I know with Your love I'll have heaven on earth

Verse 2

Just when my dreams turned to nightmares
You woke my up , born to a new day
Then You filled my eyes with a vision
of what You had planned
You showed me Your way
You gave me a cause
when I was lost You reached out
and You saved me


You lifted me up
You gave me Your gifts
With my voice I will praise You                

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