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I Just Came To Talk To You, Lord

Bill & Gloria Gaither

Give Thanks

Bill & Gloria Gaither
Bill & Gloria Gaither
发布于 7天前
视频收录于专辑 《Giving Thanks》
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Thanks, thanks
I give you thanks
for all you've done
I am so blessed
my soul is at rest
Oh, lord, I give you thanks

Thank you, Lord, for the strength you give
To simply carry on.
Through life's toils and tests,
The worst and best,
I'm never left alone.
You're always right beside me,
and hear me when I pray.
And since I first began,
you've been my dearest friend
I give you all the praise

I give you thanks for this moment,
And I will continually.
For each day I live,
your praise to give,
I'm blessed abundantly.
I can't forget that moment,
when in my life you made such change.
And since the Spirit came,
I've not been the same.
I just wanna give you thanks