Close Every Door To Me

天使之音 (Angel.Voices.2)
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所属歌手: 天使之翼合唱团 所属专辑: 天使之音 (Angel.Voices.2)
总 人 气: 1.2 万
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歌曲"Close Every Door To Me"的歌词:
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Close every door to me
 Hide all the world from me
 Bar all the windows
 And shut out the light

Do what you want with me
 Hate me and laugh at me
 Darken my daytime
 And torture my night

If my life were important I would ask "Will I live or die?"
 But I know the answers lie
 Far from this world

Close every door to me
 Keep those I love from me
 Children of Israel
 Are never alone

For I know I shall find
 My own peace of mind
 For I have been promised
 A land of my own


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