In The Beauty Of Holiness

Come Heal This Land
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所属歌手: Robin Mark 所属专辑: Come Heal This Land
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歌曲"In The Beauty Of Holiness"的歌词:
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In the beauty of holiness
We see You Son of righteousness
So we bring all that we possess
To lay at Your feet
In the place where Your glory shines
Jesus lover of all mankind
You have drawn us
With love sublime
To make us complete.

So I pause at Your gates once more
As my heart and spirit soar
And I wish I could love You more
My God and my King.

Is there tribute that I could bring
Was there ever a song to sing
That could ever express, my King
The work that You've done
Could I ever conceive of this
All the depths and the heights
And breadth of the riches
I now possess because of Your love.                

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