Alaskan Homecoming

Alaskan Homecoming
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所属歌手: Bill & Gloria Gaither 发行日期: 2011-02-08
歌曲数量: 20 首 人气指数: 7781
专辑类型: 现场Live 专辑语言: 英语
专辑风格: 现代流行
专辑简介: Alaskan Homecoming ~ Cruise with the Gaither Homecoming family across Alaska's Inside Passage in this unique concert experience aboard the msZaandam. An outdoor concert, featuring gospel music's finest voices, honors our Maker and celebrates some of His most marvelous handiwork...   更多...
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01 How Great Thou Art feat Wes Hampton, Stephen Hill, Gene McDonald And Larnelle Harris  1741
02 I'm Feelin' Fine  619
03 Somebody's Coming feat Russ Taff  458
04 How Big Is God feat Gene McDonald  442
05 Better Day feat Gaither Vocal Band  404
06 That's Him feat The Hoppers  424
07 Joy Comes In The Morning feat Joy Gardner  340
08 Something Within feat Stephen Hill  298
09 I'm Working On A Road feat Jeff & Sheri Easter  304
10 I've Got Joy feat The Isaacs  434
11 Can He, Could He, Would He feat Ladye Love Smith  328
12 America The Beautiful feat Wes Hampton  345
13 The Star Spangled Banner feat Larnelle Harris  311
14 Clean feat Gaither Vocal Band  436
15 I See A Crimson Stream feat Janet Paschal, Sheri Easter, Charlotte Ritchie  287
16 Does Jesus Care? feat The Isaacs  360
17 Hard Times Come Again No More feat Becky Isaacs Bowman, Stephen Hill And Gene McDonald  403
18 My Savior First Of All feat Mary Tom (Speer) Reid From So Glad!  419
19 These Are They feat the Gaither Vocal Band  358
20 We Will Stand feat Michael English  441
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